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About Cork VFX

I, Fiona Russell, come from a Traditional art background, while living in Vancouver surround by film I
decided to take my artistic skills in a different direction.
I went to VFS to study 3D animation.
After graduating I got a Job at MPC as a runner which allowed me to learn about all
aspects of the commercial pipline including the VT room, editing, 3D, compositing
And also I got to see how they deal with client services.
I then moved into the 3D departement in commercials, I did various jobs inc. matchmove,
modeling texturing, animation, FX, shading, lighting, matte painting compositing etc.

After 3 years at MPC i moved to barcelona to help Minimo VFX set up shop there.
I worked as their primary Texture and lookdev artist. Minimo specializes in
the creation of production ready assets. I learned so much from these guys
who have had a lot of experience in the industry. 
Now it is time for the VFX industry to come to Cork, My hometown in Ireland.



Phone: +353 (0) 864407263